Björkholmen Gallery

Elisabeth Westerlund

In Elisabeth Westerlund´s art one can recognize the drives to restructure and transform, qualities that make her works to defy quick interpretation. She uses everyday objects that we all recognize from another context, such as pens, plastic knives or fabric cutouts as building materials to something grander, such as a model for Versailles Palace floor plan, a work she exhibited in 2003, or her more recent large canvasses with cutouts of photographs and added embroidery. She often works with bright colors, a spectrum that feels somehow exotic here in Scandinavia, and is perhaps an influence from her time in New York.

When looking at her work one becomes immediately aware of its structure, sometimes organic and wildly unstructured, as in her work of unraveling knits, but more often precisely calculated as in her most recent works in exhibition Patterns in 2006. The works resembled paintings and presented rich patterns consisting of cut out textile flowers of various shapes clued on to a paper in lines.