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Matthias van Arkel

Matthias van Arkel has become known for his unique expression of merging painting and sculpture in his works made of silicone. Over the past few decades van Arkel has consequently investigated painterly ideas, his practice has emerged out of a conceptual approach. In his three-dimensional works meaning is achieved through a play of pattern, shapes, color and surface. The inherent character of the medium emphasizes a sense of density, sensuality and energy – for the viewer a physical encounter. There is a performative dimension involved in the creation process, as the artist balances intuition versus control through the special technique developed by himself. Like enlarged brush strokes forming abstract landscapes the sculptural shapes move, fold and travel, stretching its own limits beyond the visual. Van Arkel challenges our perception of what defines a painting and invites us to see it from a new perspective.

Matthias van Arkel website

Film and interview with Matthias van Arkel
produced by Daga Lamy and Nicklas Eliasson in cooperation with Wallenstam AB