Björkholmen Gallery

Thomas Elovsson

Thomas Elovsson works in the borderland between painting, sculpture and architecture. His works do typically employ minimalistic aesthetic, conceptual ideas and a wild colour scheme thus resisting to be classified under a specific genre of art making. The most recent series of Elovsson´s paintings shows graffiti style writing painted over the canvases imitating statements seen in the world famous works of art from the past decades. This time only the characteristic monumentality of the statements has been replaced with a parody; Brian Eno in Africa or Free Form Guitar read some of his works.

His series Shutters (2004) blends sculpture and painting, as these real-looking three dimensional window shutters made of mdf board are painted with a hallucinary set of colours. Having one of these shutters hanging on the wall changes one´s perception of a room, and shows simultaneously a new take on optical art.