Lukas Göthman

Protecting the Dream

”Floating above the current going upstream with you. Swimmingly. Looking for hours like seconds. Hidden time. Longing time. You are a dreamer and I am a dreamer too. Scent time. Dream time. Slow and fast. Beautiful silence and you. Sweet longing in silence. Tears are not tears. I believe in love art and dying. I believe in chaos and you. It’s only a few nights and days. Protecting the dreamer. Only freedom is freedom. You and I and hours like seconds. If this is the end I disagree. I am a dimension. Unleash the dream. You are here. Drifting together towards the end of the journey. You are I am the silent river. This is the beginning. Greetings from all my realities. Tomorrow everything is brand new.”

Excerpt from Journal nr 12, 2021

Lukas Göthman