Björkholmen Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition with new photographs by Dawid.

Dawid is regarded as one of the most influential photo based artists in Sweden. Since the 1970’s his work has had great significance for the photographic medium as an art form. A constant examination of the boundaries between different genres, techniques and expressions, distinguishes his oeuvre. The works are often presented in restrained compositions, in series held together by combined visual and conceptual characteristics. A central theme is the ignored or overlooked, which through his seeing appears from a new perspective.

The exhibition will feature works from the photographic suite BOX. It has its origin in the 1980’s when Dawid at an opening reception received gifts of flowers that he saved and photographed. During the spring of 2020 he finds a forgotten box in his attic, containing memories from that time. Dried flowers and leaves, bottles and vases, marked by the years that have passed. Now they are given new life in a new time, portrayed in the motion between stagnation and transformation. The works, as always with the wooden frames handmade by the artist, visualizes the purity of the forms and graphic expression. The depicted objects have an elevated aesthetic and a most noticeable presence.

Press release
Press release